Surrealism and Dali for junior high

I love teaching Surrealism because junior highers are especially attracted to the weird and trippy nature and they love exploring and creating Surrealist pieces. Plus, Salvador Dali is one of my personal favorites.  Exhibit A:

daliquoteHe’s amazing.

Anyway, the problem with Salvador Dali is that his paintings reflect his dreams and his subconscious, which were often quite sexual. So his paintings, are often quite sexual. Which is fine, unless you are a junior high art teacher trying to teach about Salvador Dali.

I went on a youtube quest to find a video clip to show them that would include some information about his life and some of his artwork. When you’re an art teacher, teaching art history, educational videos have to be previewed not for relevancy, but for nudity. Paintings, even (especially) really really old paintings, have nudity. Junior highers, cannot handle this. At. All. I can barely say “I have bus duty” to them without them snickering. So I have to have little preview parties with myself where I make a tally of how many times (and at what point) I see nipples. If it’s only a couple of times, I can usually scan through quickly or A/V mute the promethean and still show the video. Once I get to an entire post-it of “nip-slips” I have to veto the video entirely. This qualifies for an #ArtTeacherProblems official hashtag because as I was sitting on my couch writing down all the times I saw nipples I realized that the science teacher doesn’t have to do stuff like this before showing their video on chemical reactions.

I found this really cool BBC special on Salvador Dali that I highly recommend. It’s awesome. It definitely did not pass the “nip slip” test though, so it had to be vetoed. It became glaringly obvious around the point that the narrator was standing in front of the actual painting “The Great Masturbator” (yes, the name it self would have gotten it vetoed) pointing out and analyzing all of the sexual connotation including the nose to junk situation in the corner…which was, because the painting is gigantic, about the size of the narrators head. Because this is the internet and not my Junior High classroom, here it is in all it’s glory:


So I found a really cool Brain Pop clip to help with my introduction to Surrealism, and then I found a VERY kid friendly Salvador Dali video here:

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty cheesetastic but gloriously nipple-free.

The video also suggested this cool Surreal exercise called “Exquisite Corpse” which I used as a warm-up the next day. I broke them into groups of 4 (there was one group of 5 but it still worked) and gave them a 12×18 piece of paper that they folded into 4 sections. Without looking at any of the other sections, each kid in the group had to draw a part of the body. They knew where to start in the next section because they continued the line a mm into the next section. The kids LOVED it and their creations turned out so cool.

Surrealism Surrealism1 Surrealism2 Surrealism3 Surrealism4


Then we did a collage project where they created a Dali Style surrealist scene out of “found objects” in magazines. They were tasked with putting together common things in uncommon ways.

IMG_1971 IMG_1968 IMG_1963 IMG_1961 IMG_1959 IMG_1953 IMG_1951


We also did a series of surrealist style warm-up drawings. You’ll notice many of them involve hands. That wasn’t on purpose…but it became a running joke to announce that the warm-up was hand related.

IMG_1915 IMG_1949 IMG_1948 IMG_1946 IMG_1945 IMG_1944 IMG_1943 IMG_1941 IMG_1940 IMG_1938 IMG_1936 IMG_1934 IMG_1933 IMG_1931 IMG_1930 IMG_1928 IMG_1925 IMG_1924 IMG_1922 IMG_1921 IMG_1920 IMG_1918 IMG_1917 IMG_1916


Also, shout out to Trina Carter for a couple of those warm-up ideas!

We finished the unit with a clay surrealism assignment to create a surrealist creature.

IMG_8683 IMG_8739 IMG_8731 IMG_8728 IMG_8723 IMG_8717 IMG_8711 IMG_8709 IMG_8705 IMG_8693






A new face behind Igoyougo

Hi! I’m Brittany.



That’s pretty much me. Laughing. In the sunshine. Drinking a cocktail out of a mason jar and a striped paper straw. On the phone, most likely trying to involve more people in whatever scheme or adventure that I have concocted that day. That will likely involve sunshine. And cocktails.

My short bio: I’m a mom, I’m fiercely dedicated to my family and friends (which are pretty much the same thing in my book). During the day I teach Art to middle schoolers, and everywhere in between I process orders for my Etsy shop. When I’m not doing all that stuff, I’m social butterflying around or planning my next adventure. (Another thing you need to know about me is that I make up words. I’m the wacky art teacher, I’m allowed.)

I used to have a small family blog that I wrote on, a lot. I love writing and story telling, and documenting in pictures, so it was a perfect outlet for me. Then I had a baby, and I kept writing,  for awhile! Cause, ya know, newborn babies sleep all the time, it’s fantastic. Then she started sleeping less, and moving more.. and I started chasing and stopped blogging. And I didn’t blog, for 2 years. Recently I have been itching to start again, I literally lay in bed at night and write blog posts in my head. I wanted to start over but with a little broader reach. I looked at WordPress for awhile and got really overwhelmed, so I decided to email my favorite blogger who also happens to be my BFF (Best fucking friend, as quoted in her speech at my wedding..) : Amanda.


9 (1)

Amanda said “Call me I have an idea” Which is kind of her thing. Well, as you might have guessed (since you’re here reading this..) her idea was for me to take over Igoyougo, the blog she had poured her heart and soul into for the last 5 years. The blog I loooovvveeeedd reading. The timing worked out right, Amanda is an executive at her company and just didn’t have time to give it the love it needed, and I was looking for a new project to take on. After I made REALLY REALLY sure that she could part with it, (I may have used the sentence “Are you sure it’s okay I rape your blog? It feels so wrong!”) I started blogging. Well, it wasn’t quite that simple, I signed on and stared at the dashboard at least 5 times afraid to touch anything. Amanda is my best friend, but she’s also pretty much my hero, and after admiring her and her blog for so many years, this is totally a big deal. I have been gifted something very special, so here it goes!

If you are a longtime fan of Amanda as the author of Igoyougo, I’m sorry, I will miss her too…but you’re in luck! Amanda and I aren’t BFFs for nothing, we totally love all of the same stuff. So if you love the food, shopping, crafting, diy, bad reality show posts… FEAR NOT! It’s still coming! I’m also hoping to gain a new following who are interested in teacher stuff, kid stuff, art, and country livin’.

So, Hi! Anywhere I go you go….




LOLA’s Bday Invite

I am super excited to be plotting and planning with Brittany for LOLA’s 2nd birthday (I can’t believe she is already 2)! LOLA wanted a Minnie Mouse theme so Britt and I have been pinning loads of stuff which you can see here. I’ll of course post our final product in a few weeks but for now here is a look at the invite.

Paperless Post

I am so in love with, I know it has been around for a long time but to tell the truth I was pretty devoted to Evite and never gave the site a fair chance.  I recently used paperless for the Save the Date I put together for the New Years bash I am throwing and the invites came out so awesome!  It was easy and cheap, cost me about $12 to send everything out.  The designs they offer are great too, here are a few that I really like:


Off to Vegas – Here are my outfits

So planning what to wear to Vegas is more challenging than I remember, perhaps it has had something to do with the fact that at 28 I can’t really pull off the same clothes I used to – but after two long days of shopping (ps. the cerritos mall saved my life) I finally have 4 distinct looks for the trip.  If you are a boy or generally not into clothes, please ignore this post as you will find it either a. boring, b. annoying, or c. completely self-indulgent.

The Goods

I wasn’t necessarily bargain shopping but I did want to get full looks (dress, shoes, accessories) for each dress so I did try to stay conservative with my choices and it just worked out that all the dresses I liked were cheap-o! Score!  So up first we have dress number 1, THE GREEN DRESS.  Now most people don’t love this color but as a ginger I can pull it off, the picture doesn’t show it accurately – imagine lime green marrying Chartreuse.  The best part of this dress is the price tag, $16.99 off the sale rack at F21.  I paired it with the shoes I already owned and I mixed it up with a tangerine tribal looking bracelet with gold bangles.

$16.99 People!

Next we have a bright pink dress that I blogged earlier this week(another f21 steal) with silver jewels, the best part of this dress is the t-strap back of the dress.  I saw these uber sparkly shoes and couldn’t resist buying them, it is Vegas after all.

F21 dress and accessories

Then we have the LBD, we have some secret plans on Friday night and I asked all the girls to wear LBD’s except for the bride who will be wearing a white dress.  I had to find a comfortable black dress that was Vegas worthy, this is what I came up with.  I got the dress at some random store in Carlsbad at the outlets (sorry I can’t remember)and the shoes I already owned and they are from Cathy Jean.

Dress $19, Shoes Cathy Jean from 2010

Lastly, I got this baby pink dress (F21) and paired it with some great cream shoes I got at Aldo on sale for $36, a total bargain.


Aldo Shoes $36 and dress is from F21





New blog additions

So I have decided to add some more elements to my weekly posting on igoYOUgo.  Here is what you can look forward to:

Sunday Dinner: Growing up with a Mom who was raised in the South, we almost always had “Sunday Dinner”.  It usually invovled baked chicken or roast beef with brown gravy and it was always the BEST way to start the week. These posts are going to be where I will be posting my own recipe’s for things I make on Sunday nights for dinner.

Wine Videos: I have posted these in the past but I am committing to doing a wine review at least once a month.

Event Envy: This will be a weekly post where I take a look at some of the best events being talked about in the blogging world.

Workout Wednesdays: Every week I will post some of the latest tips and videos I am using to keep my booty in shape.

Saturday Shoe Day: Each Saturday I will post a drool worthy (but affordable) pair for your shopping pleasure.

Cocktails with a Chef: This is one of the new features I am most nervous about, I mean who am I to ask a chef to sit down and have a drink with me?? I LOVE food – eating it, photographing it, writing about it, cooking it, and talking about it so maybe this passion will be enough to convince some nice local chefs to sit down with me for a drink and talk cooking…we shall see.

Street Chic: This is a project I am going to be working on the first Thursday of each month with the help of my sister-in-law, where we will be hitting the streets and finding the most fashionable every day people we can and interviewing them about their look.  The best part about this project is that Nina and I are grabbing cocktails when we are done! :)

Blog Swap: Once a month I am going to invite one of the amazing bloggers I follow to do a blog swap where we will write posts for each other.  Why you ask?  1. It will help me to get to know my fellow bloggers better, 2. Expose my readers to some new material, and lastly it will increase our readership (hopefully!).

Well, there you have it.  These are all the fun things I am going to be getting ready for your enjoyment.  Thanks for all your support!

My New Garden Table

My Dad and I built this great garden table a few weeks ago after I showed him this inspiration post:

songbird garden table

I pretty much begged him to “teach” me how to build it, citing some good ol’ father daughter bonding as motivation.  It actually was awesome, we went to the lumber yard where he taught me about the different kinds of wood.  We picked out all the pieces, the hardware, and the wood stain we would use for the finished product.  All in all we got out the door for about $100 and “we” (aka mostly my Dad) spent the next 4 hours or so building.  I did get to use the power drill and the table saw which was pretty fun.  It came out great:

The best part was knowing that every time I look at this table I will get to remember how awesome my Dad is for helping me out!  I have since decorated it about 12 different times, but here is an idea of what I did to it:

This picture doesn’t really do it justice, especially that white orchid I found at Trader Joe’s for $12!!! Seriously look at this thing, it is gorgeous:

I used some old baskets I had from my old IKEA wall unit that I had just laying around in the garage for the shelf beneath the table.  In one I put all my gardening stuff, in another all my drift wood (for misc. craft projects), in the third I put my pine cones that fall from the big tree in our yard (can you say Christmas crafts?!), and lastly I put some unused candles in the fourth one.