Mission: Accessory Organization

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With the holidays right around the corner we all need to stay organized before utter chaos breaks out around us. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am getting dressed up for a holiday party and I cannot find a matching earring or that necklace that would match perfectly. Which is why I have come up with a few DIY solutions to help you take stock of all your accessories in a jiffy.

Check out my earring organizer:

This was super easy to make, I found this cork board at Michael’s and used push pins from my sewing kit.  It is so helpful to actually be able to see what I can choose from.  Now my jewelry box only holds my “stud” kind of earrings.  I was also searching and searching for something for bracelets when I saw this ribbon organizer and a bell went off in my mind “this is the perfect thing for my bracelets!”

Another tip I have is to really try and capitalize on the hidden space in your closets.  Here are a few examples that I use:

1. If possible hang a few nails on the back of your closet doors or on a side wall and use them to hand all your long necklaces.  I like to keep mine organized by color (golds, silver, beads, black, etc.).

2. Buy a belt organizer like the one below and hang it on a wall or door.  I use mine for belts, scraves, and purses.  You may find you need more than one.

3. Capitalize on “behind your clothes storage”, this is a trick I use for my handbags.  There is usually space between your clothes and the back wall of your closet so put up some nails about halfway down and hang your handbags that you are not currently using.  You should be able to see the handbags lining the bottom of the wall just beneath the clothes.

These are just a few nifty tips that I hope can help you stay organized as you get ready for the hectic holiday season.


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