Had a great visit with LOLA and her parents over the 4th of July weekend. Britt brought her family down for a whole 5 days! We had a blast going to the beach, the park, and just hanging around the house. It’s insane how cute LOLA is, we love getting to spend time with her. It was hard to see them go home, I wish they lived closer so we could do fun stuff like this all the time!

While they were here I hosted a Doughnut and Mimosa “sip and see” so that they would have a chance to see some of their other local friends.

LOLA’s 2nd Birthday: Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Style

We recently got back from our trip to visit our god-daughter LOLA for her 2nd birthday! My best friend Brittany did an amazing job compiling supplies and crafting elements for the party. She delegated a few things to me and her Mom and we all pitched in to set up this very pink party. LOLA loves Minnie Mouse and had so much fun seeing all her favorite friends.

Let’s start with the decor:

Again, this was the invite I made for the party – we blew it up and made a big poster.

Pink, Black and White Poms were ordered from Express Poms on Etsy.

I made a ton of printables to stick around the house.

The Gift Table

Britt made these awesome sparkly mason jars to hold all the flowers.

I arranged the flowers and Britt’s mom made these amazing Mini heads.

Brittany makes some super fun garlands, you must check out her shop:

Variety Pack Set of 4 Minnie Mouse Felt Garlands

The photo op area turned out really cute too, Brittany took a bunch of different colored crepe paper and fringed/twisted it to make the backdrop.

The Food

Britt wanted to keep it simple so she served lots of snack options, a make your own sandwich type bar and some crockpots with Mac N’ Cheese.

And check out these adorable cupcakes!

The Drinks

The drink table had two kinds of pink lemonade, one for adults and one for kiddos [that were carefully labeled]!


Britt had planned tons of fun activities for the guests including: Cookie decorating, pin the bow on the Minnie, a coloring table, and a make your own Minnie bow headband station.

Britt made one of her famous thumbprint guest sign in pages:

Hand Drawn Ink Guest Book Art: Birthday Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with Balloons

The Birthday Girl

Other fun pics

All in all it was a super fun day!




Happy Birthday to LOLA!

As most of you know LOLA is my god-daughter. Today is her 2nd birthday, I’ll be headed up on Friday to celebrate with her all weekend. LOLA brings so much joy to our lives, Jon and I are always excited to facetime with her and sing silly songs or play our funny face game. Having LOLA has certainly helped take our minds off our own difficulties having kids while simultaneously making us EVEN MORE excited to give her some pals. I am absolutely obsessed with her gorgeous red hair (duh) and all the funny sounding new words she is practicing. I can’t wait to spoil her and her parents with love this weekend! xoxo

Our visit with LOLA

For my birthday this year I wanted to go see my god-daughter LOLA who lives up in Sacramento.  She is 1.5 now and starting to talk, it is really fun watching her try and say all kinds of new words.

When they picked us up from the airport we headed to whole foods to get Jon some beer (typical) and it was really fun because we started chasing each other around the store, that is, until LOLA discovered the “world music” sample listening station.

YouTube Preview Image

We headed back home where I gave LOLA her new baby (a mermaid tooth fairy doll) and we played the rest of the night until bed time.

The next day we had lots of crafting and prep to do before the big birthday party Brittany threw me. LOLA was very cooperative, entertaining herself while we worked away.

LOLA loves wearing glasses, well any accessories really. When she puts them on she makes this really “hard” face, see below.

That night we went out to a great dinner at Smith Flat House, LOLA got all dressed up.

Afterwards we went back home and got to play some more, one of LOLA’s favorites is sock hands.

The next morning we were BUSY with setting up the party, at one point we turned around and found LOLA exactly like this…she knew what was coming later that day. LOL

We spent the better part of the day decorating and at one point LOLA got into the basket of neon sunglasses we had gathered up for the party.  Being obsessed with glasses, she naturally started putting multiple pairs on and moved on to ask me to do the same.  At some point I had to start telling her we were all done and she is so smart she changed her normal sounding “pease” to a doe-eyed, soft toned “peeeaaasssee” (insert head tilt and sad face).  Needless to say she got her way. I even caught some of it on video:

YouTube Preview Image

It was a great visit.

LOLA love

It’s been a while since I have showed off the complete adorableness that is my god-daughter LOLA.  Here are a few of my recent fav’s:

In her Halloween jammies playing dress up as usual. Girl loves her accessories.

Playing Spoons

Brushing teeth with Mom

Practicing her rockstar moves

Feeling Small

Driving Boats

Being Adorable

With her stunner shades on

Her excited face

Hope you enjoyed your LOLA fix. :)

Friday Favorites: LOLA Edition (long post alert)

Last week I got to kick off summer with a visit from my god-daughter LOLA and her parents (Brittany – my BFF and her hubs Sol).  I seriously could not wait for them to fly in, I was watching the clock at work all day.  Despite my excitement I somehow managed to forget what airport they were flying into and found out the hard way when I was parked at the curb going “Well I’m at terminal C and I don’t see you…” but once I found them the fun began!

We headed from the airport straight to my Dad’s for a BBQ (we had a few hours to kill before Sol’s flight came in). My Dad made some delicious food and we played with LO in the yard.


My Dad's stuffed mushrooms with bacon


We also discovered LOLA’s love for corn on the cob as seen here:

By evening time LOLA was ready to head home to my house and get the party started…lol!

The next day was SUPER sunny and glorious so we headed to the beach in Laguna (thanks Court & Emily).

She had such a blast at the beach once she got over her frustration about the sand.  And that yellow polka dot bikini was just tooo cute on her.

After the beach we headed home to set up for a little Fiesta we had for more of our friends to come over and catch-up with The Kammans.  A lot of our college friends live in San Clemente so it was a mini reunion of sorts.

The following day we had planned to head up to Long Beach and make an appearance at a 35th Birthday Pub Crawl. I know what you’re thinking…”you brought a 1 year old to a pub crawl!?” but don’t worry we only stayed an hour and the first place we went to was more of a restaurant than a bar. Plus, as I mentioned last week the pub crawl was neon themed so we could not resist the chance to deck LOLA out in neon.

From there we headed to San Pedro to the Port of Calls Village. My SIL had told me about a great seafood place you can go and we decided to check it out. The port is super cool if you have not been before, it looks like something out of Star Wars, with all the big equipment.

The place we ate at was called the fish market and you basically walk in to this huge fish counter, pick out anything you want, they cook it for you, and bring it out on a big tray. There is a large patio we sat out on and watched the gigantic ships roll by.

It looks like this:

The next day we went to breakfast with my Mom and Sister and went on a nature walk.

Later that day we met up with some friends at Salt Creek to have some munchies and watch the sunset.

The one thing I am neglecting to mention in this post is that in between all this stuff we were totally addicted to True Blood and were watching the 1st and 2nd seasons at nap time.

On the last day of their trip we relaxed and had a delish brunch at RJ’s here in Dana Point.

All in all it was an amazing visit and Jon and I enjoyed every minute!

We miss you guys already!


LOLA’s 1st Birthday Celebration

DISCLAIMER: I am warning you now, this post is going to be long because there are just too many cute things to show you guys and I couldn’t decide. Bear with me.

So as you all know by now I spent last weekend up at my best friend Brittany’s new house in Sacramento celebrating my god-daughter LOLA’s 1st Birthday. Her Mom and I have been working for months to craft and collect all sorts of goodies for her party.  Britt’s new pad is idyllic, situated on 10 acres in the country. It has a gigantic front yard and tons of wildlife all around it.

The rained out yard:

We had planned for a big outdoor party with about 50 people, the problem being, that the weather did not agree to our plans and decided to cast rain upon us ALL DAY. So we did what any party hostesses would do and begged all the Dad, Husband, and Friends to hang tarps off the porch to give us some use of the outdoor space.  So the glorious sunny pictures of kids running on the lawn did not occur, but we still had a great party.



I designed the printables for the party myself and got this poster printed by Snapfish.


There were tons of amazingly adorable pictures that we couldn’t decide on which ones to display so then we just started trying to find ways to display them all…thus this was created:

Brittany had taken monthly pictures of LOLA as she grew and we did a display of them all in order so you could see all the changes that happened during the last year.

Remember these? LOLA would just point and giggle at these every time she looked at them.

We planted these succulents the night before in some glass containers from the dollar store.

We went to TJ’s and bought a selection of white, orange and yellow flowers to arrange in mason jars for the tables.

Brittany sewed this adorable Rainbow fabric bunting that we hung all over the house.


The wow factor of the party was definitely this photo backdrop that Brittany’s crafty Mom, created:


For the party we served appetizers, lunch, and dessert.

For the apps we had: Fruit Skewers, Deviled Eggs, Veggies, Caprese, Chips and Garbage Dip.

We served Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Punch, Wine, Champagne, and beer for the big kids.

The desserts were all Brittany and being the ambitious woman that she is, she decided to take on homemade cake pops. Fast forward 2 days, at least $80 later, and endless frustration and we ended up with about 20 cake pops. This was a huge PITA.

Britt also made this amazing layered Jello dessert.

There was also cake for all, including little LOLA’s smash cake.

Are you guys ready for some cuteness?

Smash Cake Success.

YouTube Preview Image

Now the only thing left to show you guys is the millions of fun rainbow backdrop pictures we took. Ok, Ok, I will try and narrow it down.

(My other BFF Bianca is also pregnant)

LOLA’s 1st Birthday Invitation

As you know from this post, I am gearing up for my god-daughter LOLA’s upcoming 1st birthday.

I sent LOLA this rainbow tutu as a pre-birthday gift and begged her Mama Brittany to do one of those cute “cake smashing” type of picture sessions that I see on Pinterest all the time. Lucky for me she obliged and look at how cute it turned out:

Good work Britt!

It’s Fun to be 1 party printables

I am deep in the party planning process with my BFF Brittany, working on my god-daughter LOLA’s first birthday. Take a look at the board I made for her on Pinterest here, to see all the things we are using as inspiration.

I whipped up some cute props and signs for the party, feel free to use them. If you want the original artwork just email me (what?! I’m feeling especially nice today!).