Our visit with LOLA

For my birthday this year I wanted to go see my god-daughter LOLA who lives up in Sacramento.  She is 1.5 now and starting to talk, it is really fun watching her try and say all kinds of new words.

When they picked us up from the airport we headed to whole foods to get Jon some beer (typical) and it was really fun because we started chasing each other around the store, that is, until LOLA discovered the “world music” sample listening station.

YouTube Preview Image

We headed back home where I gave LOLA her new baby (a mermaid tooth fairy doll) and we played the rest of the night until bed time.

The next day we had lots of crafting and prep to do before the big birthday party Brittany threw me. LOLA was very cooperative, entertaining herself while we worked away.

LOLA loves wearing glasses, well any accessories really. When she puts them on she makes this really “hard” face, see below.

That night we went out to a great dinner at Smith Flat House, LOLA got all dressed up.

Afterwards we went back home and got to play some more, one of LOLA’s favorites is sock hands.

The next morning we were BUSY with setting up the party, at one point we turned around and found LOLA exactly like this…she knew what was coming later that day. LOL

We spent the better part of the day decorating and at one point LOLA got into the basket of neon sunglasses we had gathered up for the party.  Being obsessed with glasses, she naturally started putting multiple pairs on and moved on to ask me to do the same.  At some point I had to start telling her we were all done and she is so smart she changed her normal sounding “pease” to a doe-eyed, soft toned “peeeaaasssee” (insert head tilt and sad face).  Needless to say she got her way. I even caught some of it on video:

YouTube Preview Image

It was a great visit.