Oven Baked Onion Rings (and salmon burgers that were less successful)

Over the weekend I made these oven baked onion rings that turned out SUPER tasty. I dredged them in flour, dipped them in a wash of egg and cream, and tossed them around in some breadcrumbs and herbs.  I baked them at 425, for about 15 minutes.  The result was pretty glorious.

For the breadcrumb mixture I used a blend of paprika, garlic powder, salt (duh), Oregano, and some Parsley.

I served these with some Salmon burgers, which in concept sounded great but in reality not so much.  I liked them but my husband said they were just o.k., aka he didn’t like them.

As you can see I served them on whole wheat pitas with lettuce, tomato, bbq sauce, and some crispy prosciutto. Sounds good right?! I don’t know what is not to like about this.