A Valentines BreakFEAST for Mr. Smith

This year was a very special V-Day for Mr. Smith and I, we met 10 years ago this month and so I wanted to “go BIG” with this little Valentines BreakFEAST.  I did this whole set up on the cheap using lots of things I already had on hand. I got the flowers at Trader Joe’s for $15 total.  I had all the dishes already and just spruced things up a bit with some handmade V-Day crafts – like the topper I made for the flowers, which was just a picture of us from last year’s Christmas card and a sparkly red topper you can find in my shop.

I also used some paper ribbon accents (thank you PaperJacks!)to dress up the napkins, fill in my photo back drop and decorate the vase I used for the flowers. In addition to paper ribbon PaperJacks also sells awesome labels like the one I used for the strawberry containers (which were purchased here).

Over my kitchen table there is an ugly old light that I like to hide with big paper lanterns and for this occasion I added some cute sayings and sparkly red hearts.

I used thick black cardstock and a white paint pen to make it look like a chalk board. I hang them using red and white butchers string.

I don’t know how those other bloggers do it, but I swear making these pancakes was WAY harder than I thought it would be!

I decided to completely indulge and do lots of sweets for this feast, as you can see by the menu. Below is my sad attempt at “x’s and o’s” and even sadder is my attempt at creating heart shaped bacon (that was an epic fail, fortunately bacon tastes good in any shape).

For the pancakes I simply added some finely chopped pear, cinnamon, and vanilla to the batter.  Then I did a 3:1 ratio of syrup to caramel, to pour on top (this was my best idea ever btw).  I used some of my paint chip heart skewers to plate some festive doughnut holes I picked up earlier that morning.

We did not even get to eating these and opted to save these for later that night:


Meet the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake I purchased from Whole Foods.

I couldn’t be left out so I got this Raspberry filled little delight:

Thank god strawberries are coming back in season, I missed you my friends.

Now let’s be real. Yes, I totally set most of this up over the weekend, as pulling this off before I headed to work in the morning was hard enough. And yes, I totally left out Mr. Smith’s Valentines card hoping he would get the hint and leave one for me too (rather than save it for me for later in the night).  I didn’t say anything and to my happy surprise he got the hint!
I painted this love letter I wrote him in French on some chip board, thank you Google translator.
Meanwhile he made me this beautiful card showing one of his latest sunset pictures and as a total coincidence also used French!
So for all of this I think I spent about $25 total.
(longest post ever)

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