Trailer Trash Birthday Bash Re-Cap

As promised I am finally ready to show you some of the pics from the Trailer Trash themed birthday party I threw my husband over the weekend.  It was a serious blast and I am so happy that we went with this theme, it was hysterical! People went all out but more on that later.  So at this point you have seen all the plans I went through designing this fete and the invitation I made, so next up is the decor.

One of the best things about this party is how inexpensive it was to decorate and not to mention “green”.  I re-used old newspapers, beer cans, bottle tops, laundry, etc.  It was pretty time consuming trying to 1. source enough of these items and 2. transform them into party decor but the final product was worth it!

Up first is the flowers, my husband is quite the beer drinker so we had a ton of growlers around the house which I used as vases and bought some cheap-o sunflowers at TJ’s.

I went to the dollar store and bought crazy straws and put out our finest assortment of “koozies” for our guests.

Being that this party fell so close to Halloween I couldn’t resist getting a few pumpkins for the yard, the question was how to make them more festive for the occasion?  I came up with this:

My good friend Emily let me borrow some lights for the backyard which added the perfect glow and allowed for us to see the beer pong balls at night.  I hung some laundry from string on the wall that surrounds the yard for that extra touch of trashy.

I am not a professional photographer so I apologize for the crappy images. They just don’t do it justice.  One of the more challenging decorations was the giant 35 I had envisioned making out of newspaper.  This almost brought me to tears.  I had to lay out a GIANT square of newspaper (about 20 pieces all taped together) and draw out each number.  Once I cut the numbers out I had to figure out how to hang them by myself with the wind blowing like crazy in the back yard.  Thus, we ended up with totally jacked up looking numbers.  BUT this is why the Trailer Trash theme is SO great, anything goes! I bought a pack of “make your own banner” letter from Party City and spelled out “Happy F-ing Birthday” and laid that over the top.

I took some silly shots of Jon that I had blown up and printed as signs for the party. One for the keg area, one for the front door, one for the picture area, and one for the bathroom. I used red darts to attach them to the walls and wood posts on our deck.

Now to the food and drinks.

I didn’t want to serve a ton of food at this party, we started it at 8pm and I just didn’t want to deal with feeding 50+ people.  So opted to make a HUGE cake and serve some beer snacks.  Luckily my co-worker has a popcorn machine that she let me borrow which was a total hit (although incredibly messy).

I mentioned last week a few of the great things I found on my last trip to the flea market and here is the vintage soda crate I told you about.  I found the popcorn boxes at the dollar store.

In addition to the popcorn there were Red Vines and Cheese Balls.

I also used some big red tin ice buckets I found at Target to store the collection of 40oz. beers we had purchased for the party. I am not sure people even noticed these since we had a Keg.

I also whipped up some patriotic Jello-shots.

The cake was a labor of love.  I made 8 double batches of rice crispy treats, talk about an arm workout!  I found big square cornered baking pan and used that to make each layer.  Then I placed it on my handmade cake board (another 3 hours of my life spent with the hot glue gun).  My sister-in-law and I had fun decorating it with Twinkies and Ding Dongs.

The BEST part of the whole party was obviously everyone’s outfits. So I staged a little photo-op area to encourage people to commemorate this special evening. I made beer can garland, some fancy newspaper pinwheels and some red streamers.

I also set out a basket full of silly props (harmonicas, cowboy hats, bandannas, fake mustaches, etc.)

Now for the pictures

(brace yourself)

Here is what my husband and I wore:

He was some kind of beer guzzlin’ mountain man and I was a cross between Peg Bundy and Snookie. I was wearing shiny gold leopard leggings as pants, you can’t see how fab they were in this pic.

But this one shows them a little better:

There were soo many amazing pics form the party it was hard to choose just a few, I have to show you my brother and sister in law (Nina and Jason):

Her shirt says “1st Place MILF”!!!

ps. A special shout out to Nina and J for all their help with set-up and clean up. Love you guys!

That’s all folks!




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  1. Ok seriously, you are the best hostess ever ever ever. Also, this was SO much fun!!!! My favorite part of the night was when I looked into the back yard and forgot we were all “dressed up” as white trash, and everything started to look “normal”. Amazing idea, fantastic execution, WONDERFUL cake!

  2. I am still so in awe of that cake. You did such a great job with EVERYTHING. Thanks for the invite – Jordan and I had a blast!!

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