A Birthday Brunch

This year for my Mom’s birthday I asked her if she would let my husband and I take her out on a “Mommy Date Day”, where we would surprise her with a day full of fun on us. She agreed and we got straight to work trying to plan out something to do that would be new and memorable for our family. This is what we came up with:

Fancy brunch at home

Horseback riding in Julian

Picnic Lunch at Lake Cuyamaca

Picking Apples at Raven Hill Orchard

Champagne Chicken Dinner with cake and presents

{My sister, who is 9, wrote an itinerary for her}

I picked up my sister on Saturday to give my Mom some R&R and to get help on all the crafting that needed to get done before the brunch on Sunday.  We spent the day running around picking up items, then we spent the night watching Harry Potter while cutting and glueing.

We ended up with this:

Let’s zoom in

These napkins were the inspiration for this table, I found them at Cost Plus and loved the orange, pink and green with the grey.  The plates I had already but for what it is worth I found them at Marshall’s.

I used my mason jar cups with some polka dot straws I had also gotten at Cost Plus.  I added the “Cheers” tags with some hot glue and card stock.

I picked up some baby pink roses from TJ’s and arranged them in tight bunches in some square glass containers I had laying around.

The mirror over my dining table was decorated with various shades of orange ribbon and paper crafts.  We made a paper chain the night before and a ribbon accent swag that turned out super cute.

These were easy to make, I simply cut short strips of thick ribbon and put some hot glue on one end and rolled it to form a sort of tube.  Then I hot glued the individual tubes to make a flower leaving a hole in the middle so I could slide them down the ribbon.  It was actually pretty easy and made a unique looking garland.

I found this great ribbon at Micheal’s that is wired with fuzzy silver and was able to use it to line this cake topper:

I also used it on the sign for the OJ:

As for the food, I ran to Marie Calendar’s and picked up some muffins and a Bacon Quiche (who could cook and do all this decorating, I mean let’s be real here!). Then we made some fruit skewers with Strawberry, Pineapple, Kiwi, and some Clementines.

The cake stand I used to display this feast was from Pier One, they have 3 sizes of glass cake plates ranging between $8-$11, score! I bought the two smallest sizes and just placed them on a larger one that I already owned.

I just had to show you the cake I got too, it was too cute!

This was a lemon cake bought from Trader Joe’s and some of the lemon muffins I had gotten from Marie – they were soo giant! I don’t bake so this worked out perfectly. I lined the cake with more clementine’s and found some fun swirly candles.

All in all it turned out adorable and made Mom feel special on her Birthday, mission accomplished!

Stay tuned for part 2 on our day in Julian…


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